Autopilot Profits Scam: An In-depth review on Autopilot Profits

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There are so many products for sale online that promise you that you can make tons of money overnight on the internet. Unfortunately for all of us this is not the case. It just flat out does not work.

Autopilot Profits is one of those products that falls right into the category of doesn’t work. Autopilot Profits is a complete scam and I will tell you exactly why you should stay away from this product in this in-depth review.

What Is the AutoPilot Profits Scam?

AutoPilot Profits is a system developed by Ewen Chia. AutoPilot Profits is supposed to teach you a way to make extreme amounts of money within a few days of starting the program.

Short AutoPilot Profits Review

AutoPilot Profits teaches methods that no longer work. You can not effectively drive traffic to a website that has no content. Which is exactly what Ewen Chia teaches within AutoPilot Profits. The program is not worth purchasing and should be stayed away from because AutoPilot Profits is a complete SCAM!

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In-Depth AutoPilot Profits Review

AutoPilot Profits is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to Make Real Money Online


Owner: Ewen Chia

Price: $37 + $67 hidden fee to unlock more training

Score: 4 out of 100

Verdict: SCAM

I gave AutoPilot Profits a SCAM verdict and a very low score, because this program will not help you make money online. I have to say that I wasn’t surprised by the techniques taught because most products that have outrageous sales pages do not work and are outdated.

Now I must say that just because it does not work now, some people may have used AutoPilot Profits in the past and had some success, but with Google moving towards only ranking websites with tons of content the system taught will no longer make you successful online.

Sales Page

Right from the get go AutoPilot Profits just had a feeling of a scam. I do review a ton of products and most scams can be found just from the landing/sales page. Most of the time if outrageous remarks or promises happen it’s going to be a scam. Unfortunately those crazy remarks are exactly what we want to hear and what gives us hope about the product, which makes us keep buying.

AutoPilot Profits sales page is full of crazy promises and remarks. I have a few things pictured below that really stood out.

Autopilot profits review

You can see the claim he makes above. Using this system he made over 3 grand in 24 hours and never even did any work on it. Yeah it is as crazy as it seems. That doesn’t happen. Just like a┬áreal world job you have to actually do work to make money (or at least look like your busy…).

This is an extremely ridiculous claim made by Ewen and is not true I guarantee it.

Autopilot profits reviews

Here is another false claim. Both of these have come right from the sales page of AutoPilot Profits and both are in the biggest text on the page. You simply can not make money online that fast it’s not even reasonable. To make money online it will require time and hard work.

Inside The Members Area

autopilot profits featured

Inside the members area of AutoPilot Profits you will gain access to most of the training available. It is mostly print style teaching with a few videos thrown in. One major problem I had with the training is it seems like Ewen is still trying to prove to you that the system works. Each lesson begins with income proof. That should really only be necessary for the sales page.

Altogether the training included in AutoPilot Profits is OK at very best. I really don’t like the layout of the training. It really looks more like a sales page then any type of actual lesson. But although the training is OK by its quality there still stands a very huge problem. THE TECHNIQUE TAUGHT FLAT OUT DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!

Although the training is okay for the technique that is taught. The Technique no longer is effective at all. The reasoning for this is that Search Engines especially Google no longer rank websites that are just sales pages high. Which means that you will not have any traffic to your website.

If you know anything about building websites and making money online is traffic to your website is the key to making sales and making money. Without the Search Engine traffic you will receive minimal traffic and minimal to no sales or money!


What I Liked & What I Didn’t


  • Easy to get Refund through ClickBank


  • Misleading Sales Page
  • Training is poor
  • Techniques taught are old news and don’t work
  • Hidden Fees to Unlock all of the training


Final Verdict

AutoPilot Profits is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to Make Real Money Online

bad productAutoPilot Profits is a complete scam and I don’t recommend this product to anyone. The owner Ewen Chia is completely scamming people and making a lot of money while doing so. I would stay away from this product completely.

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What To Do Now?

AutoPilot Profits is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to Make Real Money Online

As you already know I do not recommend purchasing Auto Pilot Profits. The system is complete crap and will not help you make money online. If you have had experiences with this company I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

If you would like to learn how I make money online and how you can too, visit Start Your Own Online Business. This page will show you exactly how I make a full time income online with my website and affiliate marketing.

Thank you for reading this AutoPilot Profits Scam Review. Please comment below and don’t forget to share!

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