4 Legitimate Ways To Save & Earn Money Holiday Shopping!

The Holiday shopping season is just around the corner, so I decided to put together a short list of some excellent sites and apps that can help you save as much money as possible while doing your Holiday shopping.

Below I’ll list the four legitimate apps, give you a brief overview, leave links to my full reviews, show you proof that they pay, and tell you how to join. Most of the apps do have sign-up bonuses so you can usually get close to the cash amount with just one purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to read my full reviews or leave comments below!

Here’re the four sites I recommend using to save money on your holiday shopping!

4 Ways To Save Money Holiday Shopping

Dosh AppRead Review – $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Dosh App ReviewDosh is an app that pays you automatic cash back on your in-store shopping, online shopping, and when you book hotels. It’s a great app to have all year long but can come in handy when doing holiday shopping or traveling for the holidays.

When I say automatic cash back, I mean all you need to do is link your debit/credit card, and when you shop at participating stores you’ll earn cash back (No Receipt Scanning.)

Most participating stores pay 2%-10% cash back on your total order price!

Here’s proof that the Dosh App pays:

dosh app payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit Dosh.Cash! You’ll earn a $5 sign-up bonus when you link your card!



Drop AppRead Review – $1 Sign-Up Bonus

drop app reviewDrop is another app that pays you automatic cash back when you shop at participating stores. Again, another great app to have year-round because you don’t even have to think about it. But will also come in handy while you’re doing your holiday shopping.

The reason I like both Dosh and Drop is they both have different stores available. For example, Drop gives you cash back at Walmart and Target, which Dosh does not.

Just like Dosh, all you need to do is join, link a card, and when you shop at participating stores, you’ll earn cash back.

Once you earn $5, you can exchange your points for gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and several others.

Here’s proof that the Drop App pays:

drop app payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit!



EbatesRead Review  – $10 Sign-Up Bonus reviewEbates is an online cashback portal that lets you earn money shopping online to over 3,000 stores. Again, another option that is great all year round, but perfect for this time of year since most of us will at least order a few gifts online (I’ll order all of mine Amazon Prime on December 22nd.)

Ebates is super simple to use. Once you join, you find the store you’d like to shop at and visit it through the link on Ebates. Once you’re on the store’s website, you can shop normally. Once you make a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of your total order price.

Most stores range from 1%-10% cashback on your total order.

Once you earn $10, you can get paid via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or mailed check. Once you make your first purchase, you’ll earn a $10 sign-up bonus so you can get paid after your first purchase.

Here’s proof that Ebates pays:

ebates payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit! You’ll earn a $10 sign-up bonus after your first purchase!



IbottaRead Review – $10 Sign-Up Bonus

get paid to shop with ibottaIbotta is an app that pays you cashback in-store. Most of their offers have to do with grocery shopping, so this a great app to have all year long, but they also have offers in health & beauty, Kids/Babies, and much more.

Ibotta pays you to buy specific items, so it’s not the best for holiday shopping but they will have toy offers available so you might luck out and be able to get paid cash back on a gift you buy!

All you need to do is visit a store, purchase the item, and upload a picture of the receipt inside the app.

You’ll earn your rebate and can cash out once you have $20 via PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards. Most of the grocery item rebates range from $.50-$2.50, but the offers for Toys and gifts usually pay much more. Stack that on to your $10 sign-up bonus and you can most likely reach the cash out amount within a few purchases.

Here’s proof that Ibotta pays: app payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit! You’ll earn your $10 bonus once you make your first purchase!

More Ways To Make Money Online

I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to save money when Holiday shopping. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below.

All of these sites/apps are useful all year long, so make sure to try them out now and you might find a good way to make money all year. If you’re interested in finding other ways to make money online feel free to check out these other helpful links:

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Do you know of any other great ways to save money while holiday shopping? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

We all will be doing some holiday shopping here soon, why not save as much money and earn as much cash back as possible! With these 4 apps you can save as much money holiday shopping as possible!

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