12 Best Ways To Earn Cash Money Online

Are you looking to make money online and work at home? Here're are 12 easy and legitimate ways to do so!In this post you’re going to learn the 12 Best Ways To Earn Cash Money Online. With the economy struggling and people having problems finding jobs there are more people than ever looking to make some cash on the internet. This is fantastic because it’s a growing field and there are tons of ways that you can be successful making money online.

This is also great for the scam artists who take advantage of people who are not knowledgeable about making money online. Luckily this list is going to give you some great ideas on how to get started online. On this list of the best ways to earn cash money online you will find a few opportunities that can earn you a few extra bucks, all the way to building your own online business. This list has something for everyone so I highly encourage reading on.

Under each category I will explain exactly what the opportunity entails and give you some recommendations for great companies to get started with to help you start making cash money online.

12 Best Ways To Earn Cash Money Online

1) Affiliate Marketing

This is by far one of the best ways to make money online and is considered the most legit way to start your very own online business. This is how I make 95% of my online income and I highly recommend it. Basically affiliate marketing works like this. Companies sell products that they want promoted. You as an affiliate marketer drive traffic to their website’s products and when people buy a product you get a commission. There are a lot more details and almost every affiliate program is different, to get a full understanding check out Affiliate Marketing 101. 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best scam free ways to build an online business and you can use affiliate marketing through a variety of avenues such as a website, video, email, and more. But no matter what avenue you decide to start marketing with the truth is a website will be required. If you would like to learn about a company that will teach you how to build a website and make money with affiliate marketing check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

2) Paid Surveys

If you’re looking to make some extra cash online Paid Surveys is a great place to start. Companies want to hear your opinions. They are creating products for you the consumer. Companies will actually pay to hear your thoughts and opinions, which gave birth to Online Paid Surveys.

This is  a great way to get your opinion heard and makes some extra cash money. If you would like to see the survey sites I recommend visit All Scam Free Jobs. Some of my favorite survey sites are Paid Viewpoint and SwagBucks.

3) Paid To Read Emails

Another great way to earn a few extra bucks each month is by opening and viewing paid emails. Companies pay for ads so why would you think they wouldn’t pay for you to receive their emails. Companies want to get their brand out there, which allows you to get paid for emails.

Once you sign up for a paid email site. You will get paid emails directly to your email. All you have to do is open the email, click on the ad, and you get paid for it.

There are really only two companies that allow you to do this that aren’t complete scams. These two companies are Inbox Dollars .

4) Paid To Complete Offers

Companies will actually pay you to complete offers. So what are offers exactly? Usually, offers have to do with signing up for a site, doing a free trial, and signing up for an email list. There are many different offers and some do require payment, but you can still make money completing offers without spending a dime.

Some great companies that will pay you for completing offers are SwagBucks and FusionCash.

5) Freelance Writing

One great way to earn some extra cash online is by becoming a Freelance Writer or a Freelancer in general. Basically instead of writing for your own websites you write on a job basis and might get lucky enough to get a long-lasting relationship with a client. This is not an easy field to get into and become successful so it’s a need that you’re a pretty good writer.

If you would like to try Freelance writing a good place to start is Odesk or Elance. Both are Freelance websites that offer tons of writing jobs.

6) Paid To Search

You know that thing you do every time you get on the internet and type something into Google. Well, it’s called searching and you can actually get paid for doing so. This can only earn you a few extra bucks each month, but what did you expect, you get paid for something you already do!

A few of my favorite companies that pay you to search are SwagBucks and Qmee.

7) Start A YouTube Channel

Another great way to make cash money online is by starting a YouTube Channel. You have a few options of making some extra cash, but one way is through ads. If you have ever been on YouTube you have probably viewed an ad before watching a video. You can choose to add these short video ads to your videos to earn some extra cash each month.

You can also use YouTube for video affiliate marketing. If you would like to learn more about this visit Video Commissions.

8) Paid To Shop

If you do any online shopping and aren’t earning cash back your missing out on some extra cash each month. There are companies out there that will actually pay you money back on your online purchases. All you have to do is visit the store you want to shop at through EBates, shop as you normally would, and you earn a percentage back on your purchase.

There are a few different paid to shop websites out there, but the program with the most stores and my favorite is Ebates.

9) Paid To Visit

Did you know you could actually get paid to visit websites. Now, this opportunity may only earn you a few bucks each month, but it is a legit way to earn some extra cash money online. Basically you view websites for a few seconds and then get paid for doing so. There are a lot of websites that pay you for this, but most of them are scams.

I highly recommend ySense and it’s one of the sites that is completely legit.

10) Listen To Music

With the new wave of internet radio you can now earn cash for listening to music. Now this opportunity will not earn you that much money, but it is a good way to earn money for something you already do. Basically all you have to do is sign up for Radio Loyalty, start listening to music on their site, and get paid for every 15 minutes of music you listen to.

If you are a big fan of music you may want to check out Slice The Pie, with this company you can get paid for reviewing music.

11) Sell On Fiverr

This is very similar to Freelance work, but one way I have started making money online recently is by using Fiverr. Fiverr is place where people can go to get work done for only $5. Most jobs or what they call gigs have to do with online work such as website building, writing articles, and so on, but there are some gigs that are just bizarre. If you’re the creative type may be a great place to get started making some extra money online.

12) Sell On eBay

Surely you have heard of eBay it’s the biggest buying and selling market place online and is a great place to earn some extra cash money. This differs a lot from the other ways on this list because you actually have to have products to sell, but if you do some cleaning up around the house chances are you can find some items that are in good condition that you want to get rid of. If you are interested in selling head on over to eBay and open an account.

Thank you for reading my post on the 12 best ways to make cash money online. This list is a good place to start and covers the most popular ways to earn online. Personally I take advantage of almost all of these ways, but my biggest income is through Affiliate Marketing.

All of the websites or companies recommended within this article are high quality and scam free. If you see a category that interests you on this list I highly recommend checking out the company that I recommend joining.

Thank you again for reading, I know this list can help you earn cash money online, but if you would like to learn more about how I make money online check out Start Your Own Online Business. Don’t forget to comment below to let me know what you think about this post and make sure to share the 12 best ways to make cash money online with your friends on social media!

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