Is Grandbux A Scam? Full Grandbux Review

Did you know you could get paid to visit websites? Grandbux will pay you cash just for clicking on ads and visiting websites!
Grandbux is a paid to click on websites and ads site. I decided to write this review, to see if this site was a scam or a legitimate way to make money online.

Grandbux is legit, but I have a few complaints I’ll cover in this review. The first thing to know is getting paid to click won’t be a large income. You’re only paid a cent or less per click.

They’ve set the site up so you can join for free, but they offer paid upgrades, making the free account restricted. There’s a lot of hoops to jump through with Grandbux, so it’s not really a site I recommend, but if you do join you’ll get paid.

In this Grandbux review I’ll cover how to earn, how you’re paid, the referral program, the paid upgrades, and all the important details of this paid to click site.

Grandbux Review: Paid To Click On Ads

Site: GrandBuxis grandbux a scam my full review

Price: Free to Join + Paid Memberships

Score: 75 out of 100

Verdict: Legit, Not Recommended 

Grandbux is a paid to click site that’s legit, but I do not recommend it. In the rest of this review I’ll cover my complaints with this site, and I think you’ll agree.

The income is really small, they place restrictions on the free account, and want you to pay for a membership.

Although Grandbux is legit, I recommend staying away from this site. I’ll show you exactly why later in this review.

How To Earn At Grandbux

View Ads

The main way to earn at Grandbux is by viewing ads. You’ll see a long list of ads they’ll pay you to click on. Click on an ad and wait for a few seconds, after you’ll be notified that you’ve completed the ad.

grandbux paid to click on ads

Continue the process to continue to earn more cash for clicking on ads. Clicking on ads will only earn you a cent or less.

Grand Clix

The next way to earn is through Grand Clix, everyone has 5 chances a day with a free account. Click on any space in the picture. A new tab will open, view the advertisment, and find out if you won.

You can win up to $1. But most winners are winning $.01 or less.

Micro Jobs

This section is basically “offers” that you’ll find on sites like SwagBucks or CashCrate. These offers pay more then clicking on ads, but require you to sign up for sites, free credit card trials, and sometimes you’ll have to make a purchase.

If you want to get paid to complete Micro Jobs or “offers” I don’t recommend using Grandbux to do so, use one of the sites on this list.

Daily Point Contests

The last way to earn is through the Daily Point contests. Every time you make money on Grandbux you’ll earn points to go towards this contest.

To win you’ll need to be in the top 100 point earners for the day. If you do win you’ll have the option of a few prizes including $250 in cash.

How Does Grandbux Pay?

Grandbux pays via PayPal once your account reaches $5. You’ll need a verified PayPal account and there is a small fee when you cash out.

You can cash out at anytime, and payments seem to be in your account within 24 hours.

One thing to mention is that your minimum cash out amount will increase over time. It says that your cash out amount will increase after “several cash outs”. I’m not sure the exact details on this but I’ve seen a similar site increase the cash out amount $1 each cash out, until you reach the maximum $10. I’m assuming Grandbux is very similar.

With a free account you can only cash out every 14 days.

Grandbux Referral Program

Grandbux does have a referral program, but there’s a few different ways to obtain referrals so I’ve covered them all below:

Direct Referrals

Direct Referrals are people that use your link to sign up for Grandbux. This means they are completely free. You’ll earn 10% of all your referrals earnings.

With a free account there’s many restrictions on how many direct referrals you may have.

Rent Referrals

You can rent 100 referrals for $15. Basically you’ll earn a commission on your referrals earnings for a week. They say that there’s no bots, but I can’t confirm this.

You really won’t know what you’re getting until your rental period is over. There’s no guarantee your referrals will earn you more then the $15 you paid for them.

Buy Referrals

The last option is buying referrals. Basically you’ll pay around $2.50 a referral and receive a commission on their earnings for the life of their membership.

Again you don’t know how active your referral is going to be, the referral may earn you much more then $2.50 or nothing at all.

From my experience with referring people, most people either never make you money or just a small amount. I would not pay for referrals. I’d stick with free direct referrals, but remember there’s restrictions on how many you can have with a free membership.

Grandbux Upgrades: Paid Accounts

Grandbux does offers some paid memberships that unlock advantages such as more ads, more direct referrals, and a few other things. There’s many levels of paid accounts that all have different limits, but some of the highest accounts cost as much as $2,500.

Let me say that you can make money with a completely free account, but you’ll have some pretty annoying restrictions. With that being said I don’t see how a paid membership could be worth it. This site and other paid to click sites pay so little that spending money for a membership doesn’t make sense to me.

The only thing that makes sense is if you have a way to get thousands of direct referrals. Paying for an account will remove some restrictions you have on direct referrals. Other then that reason, the paid accounts are not worth it in my opinion.

Grandbux Complaints and Concerns

Referral Program

The Grandbux referral program is okay. I’ve never been a fan of sites that lets you buy and rent referrals. You really never know what you’ll get. There’s a chance your referral will never use the site again after you purchase them. That means you just paid for a referral that earns you $0.

Most of the money I make on extra income sites comes from direct referrals. If you’re in the same boat, there’s no way to make good money on this site because they limit how many direct referrals you can have. You’ll have to upgrade to a paid account to refer as many people as you want.

Paid Memberships

I’m not a fan of extra income sites that offer a paid membership. It’s basically a way for them to put restrictions on your free account and charge you an outrageous amount to unlock all the features of the website.

In my opinion the paid memberships are not worth it.

Small Income

Grandbux and other paid to click sites are not going to be a huge income, you’ll only earn a cent or so when you click on websites/ads. There’s really no way to create a large income through these sites without having thousands of referrals. And if you have the ability to get tons of referrals you’re probably already making a lot of money on more lucrative sites.

Just know that viewing ads won’t make you rich.

Is Grandbux A Scam?

Grandbux is not a scam, it’s a legitimate way to get paid to click on ads and visit websites. With that being said I do not recommend Grandbux. I have too many complaints about this site and think that Clixsense is the best “paid to click” website.

The restrictions they place on the free account are not worth it. You can still make money with a free account, but the whole goal is to restrict your account enough to where you’ll upgrade.

I wouldn’t join Grandbux, but if you disagree, you can join at Grandbux.com

Like I said I think Clixsense is the best Paid to click website, but I prefer to make money online with these other extra income sites.

I don’t click on ads because it’s not a big income, but I do use My #1 Recommendation to make a large full time online income.

Do you think Grandbux is a scam? Been paid by Grandbux before? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my review in the comments section below!


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